Break-bulk, bulk and project cargo shippers require a whole lot of planning and executing before finalizing their ship chartering strategy. We help them formulate their strategy, allocate vessels and ultimately ship their cargo from their chosen loading port. In the case of project cargo, we provide different choices based on the profile of the project. Our endeavor is to optimize the time and cost of the shippers.

The unique nature of break-bulk and project cargo needs imaginative chartering solutions. Unlike most ship broking companies, at Shri Vaibhavi Logistics, we have a dedicated team of logistical experts offering solutions in a range of ship chartering services right from break-bulk, project cargo and heavy lift to industrial raw material quantities. Due to our innate expertise, our team is in a position to arrange vessels with various charter companies in different packages such as part cargo, voyage charter, time charter and contracts of affreightment. Our diligent and open approach helps us assist you with every aspect of your specific shipment needs.

We have strong connections with ship owners all around the world. We work across different destinations such as the Far East Asia, Middle East Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Our primary objective is to lower expenses by positioning ships with two way traffic. Ship sizes and cargo volume in offering are optimally matched. Due to this, we can provide you the space along with great rates. We can also arrange ship chartering services for specialized cargo like LPG and small chemical parcels.

Our approach to ship broking service involves a comprehensive commercial administration and not merely a bit part role usually played by a traditional ship chartering broker. We take utmost care in identifying and arranging the ideal vessel suited to the shipment, coordinating with the agents, shippers and receivers. Along with the activity part, we also make sure the documentation part, so often the most underrated part of shipping, is accurate without errors, so that every party associated with the shipment has their interests protected.

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