We provide a myriad of break bulk cargo services while being fully equipped to offer our customers a comprehensive logistics solution in managing cargo shipment from source to destination. Such point-to-point total break bulk shipment services could involve inter-state transport, warehousing in the proximity of the port along with long-term storage, best trucking facilities and other important value added services, all of which we provide quite effectively.

Our boundless service is completely assimilated throughout our business. This makes it quite easy for you to receive expert counsel or booking a new shipment. Our team is well versed in the knowledge about the local regions and are quite experienced enough to manage break bulk shipments smoothly. To ensure a smooth process, we provide adequate support for cargos needing specialized equipment such as platforms, open-tops and flat racks, making us capable enough to transport large, unusually sized cargos without hassles.

In addition to the above features, we are now prepared and set to move mid-sized ODC-s to over 15 inland zones inclusive of non-base ports in China and Taiwan. We also have tie-ups in the African continent for shipping break bulk cargo to inland destinations over there. Furthermore, we also have plans to establish warehouse facility and inland transports in the Middle East region to manage the occasions when vessels’ availability is not there. As part of these plans, we are working at acquiring warehousing facilities through our connections in free trade zone areas that are conducive to exports.

Based on our customer’s choices, we can convert container cargo into break bulk cargo and vice-versa, to effect an outcome of reasonable costs and seamless. Despite being a break bulk cargo operator based out of Gujarat, our efficient services are available in an equal manner in Madhya Pradesh, NCR and Maharashtra. Since break bulk services require specialized equipment and understanding, this service depends on the individual port’s capability along with scheduling.

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