Specialized food and industrial products’ movement requires the provision of ISO tanks containers. To fulfill this specific need, we have aligned with some of the world’s topmost ISO tanks handlers and have seamlessly integrated our ISO tank operations with them. Such an important alignment helps us make the supply of ISO tank containers for specialized cargo movement possible with maximum efficacy. We have a global span as far as our ISO tank operations are concerned along with answers for the movement of dangerous and corrosive liquids. Additionally, we also offer a case-by-case individualistic solution for almost every type of liquid, volume shipped by an exporter and destination needs. Being one of the few eminent ISO tanks operators in Ahmedabad, we have a reputed group of chemical producers working with us in the state augmented by nodes at Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

With our expertise in ISO / FLEXI Tank logistics, we have the capability to provide rapid inventory of various kinds of tanks for use in special industrial and food grade cargo movement. We also have the option of letting you examine and mobilize these tanks from our nodal points at Mundra, Kandla and NSA stations.

Hazardous cargo demands extra attention and skill both when transporting on road or through sea. Such sensitive shipments needs that added touch of real-time experience that our company right from the director to the handling staff are well aware of. Risk management plays a huge role in such shipments. Our scrutinizing methods help us prepare and organize perfectly matched ISO/ Flexi Tanks that fit the customer’s requirement aptly. In addition, hazardous shipment needs NOC/Haz approval from the loading port, ship or vessel owners, port transport and at the discharge port. We make sure all of these approvals are received within a short time at a shipping line of fine repute.

Customers from places such as Kutch, Vadodara, Ankleswar, Vapi, Mehsana and a few other manufacturing locations in Gujarat are already well served by an abundant supply of ISO Tanks readily available at important junctures. Aside from this, customers shipping dangerous chemicals are served by us through a comprehensive organization of specially layered or glass walled steel tank containers.

All of these amazing features do not mean that you have to pay a huge fortune as we can confidently proclaim that our rates are just as special as our services, favoring our customers. We offer comprehensive service to take care of the total process right from the supply of the flexi tank /ISO tank, making it fit into the container, loading of cargo, shipping and forwarding of the shipment over land and water, discharging and disposal of the flexi tank. Our service also includes the requisite insurance, survey and risk assessment steps in the process. Due to such a well-planned operation handling system, you are saved the stress emanating from such sensitive shipments and instead can freely focus on your business.

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